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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal treatment

As our lives change so does our thoughts and emotions.  Making the choice to get a tattoo carries emotional meaning.  There may come a time in your life that a tattoo no longer serves you.  If you would like to have your tattoo removed, we can help you. 

The number of sessions you require can vary depending on numerous reasons. Professional tattoos often require seven to ten treatments. “Self-made” tattoos usually need fewer sessions. Sessions are spaced six to eight weeks apart for maximum results with minimal issues.  The color of the ink also makes a difference in removal time. Black, dark blues, and dark reds tend to fade quicker, while shades of orange, yellow, and purple take a littler longer. Lighter tones such as greens and are often the most difficult to remove, but typically complete removal is possible.

Our New, Advanced Solution for Tattoo Removal! Less Time, Less Pain!

We use a ND Yag Q-switch laser with 1064nm and 532nm for the removal of variant colors. 

Tattoo removal can be challenging due to particle sizes of the ink.  Multiple wavelengths, high power, and treatment deep beneath the skin are important to the success of tattoo removal.  We are able to increase the range of fluence and spot-size selection which allows us to control the depth, speed, power and safety of the procedure.

Tattoo removal can be uncomfortable and anesthesia may be used to reduce discomfort. Our trained medical professionals will discuss the best ways to reduce pain and discomfort before beginning the removal process. To learn more about tattoo removal schedule a consultation, call our office today.

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