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Oxygen Facial

Exfoliate - Oxygenate - RF Eye Treatment - Infuse & Massage


The facial starts with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation of the upper layer of skin to remove dead skin cells, open pores and smooth the surface of the skin. The treatment pod generates CO2 bubbles that cover the outer skin layer. This step of the treatment sometimes feels warm but there is no heat involved, only the response of the oxygen bubbles combined with a gel formula.  The body sends oxygen rich blood to replace the CO2.  This creates cellular activity.


Radio Frequency is used to treat the cheek and eye orbital area to tighten fine lines and wrinkles.  This treatment warms the skin to an appropriate level of heat to create a tightening effect.  There is slight redness that subsides after treatment.  


Infusion of nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients that nourish the skin for rejuvenation or brightening effect with vibratory and hand massage. Enjoy the relaxation massage that promotes a healthier and vibrant complexion. The facial ends with a mask and after removed a moisturizer and sunscreen is added to your skin before you leave. 

Many clients like to add on Celluma LED Light Therapy to end their treatment. 

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