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Botox® Injections at Zen Medical Spa

Wrinkle Erasers

At Zen Medical Spa, we provide FDA-approved Botox® treatments designed to rejuvenate your appearance with minimal discomfort and downtime. The procedure is swift, typically taking just a few minutes, and does not require anesthesia. Botox® is administered with a fine needle into specific muscles, ensuring precise treatment and only minor discomfort.

What to Expect Before and After Your Treatment?

Pre-Treatment Guidelines:

  • Avoid alcohol for at least one week prior to your Botox® treatment.

  • Discontinue aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications two weeks before your appointment to minimize the risk of bruising.

  • If you need to continue medications that may cause bruising, applying ice can help reduce bruising.

Post-Treatment Effects:

  • Botox® generally takes two to 14 days to show full effects.

  • The results typically last three to four months, depending on your metabolism.

  • As muscle activity gradually returns, lines and wrinkles may reappear and will need to be re-treated.

  • Over time, treated muscles may become trained to relax, leading to less severe lines and wrinkles.

Specialized Botox® Treatments

Lip Flip and Brow Lift:

  • Zen Medical Spa offers specialized Botox® treatments like the Lip Flip and Brow Lift.

  • Our experienced injectors will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your anatomy and aesthetic goals.

  • Your treatment plan is always available for review and modification to ensure optimal results.

Book your Botox® appointment at Zen Medical Spa today and experience the benefits of our expert care and advanced techniques. Rejuvenate your look with confidence and ease.

Botox is available at Zen Medical Spa
Botox $10.50 per unit - Zen Medspa Edmond
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