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When is the best time for Laser Hair Removal?

Most people wait too long before starting laser hair removal treatments. People forget that fall and winter is the best time to start laser hair removal treatments because it take months to complete. Laser hair removal is done in cycles. Approximately every 30-40 days is the best protocol for effective laser hair removal. Why? It is best to have a treatment on a regular cycle to suppress the hair bulb, so that over time the hair bulb shrinks and goes almost completely dormant. That is our goal anyway! The hair bulb can regrow again if your treatments are not on a regular basis. So, a person can waste money if your not able to keep a good treatment plan with your laser specialist. It is also important to schedule a yearly follow-up to keep the hair bulb suppressed. Some people may need one or two treatments per year after the initial course of treatment.

When is the best time for laser hair removal? The best time to do laser hair removal is in the fall and winter because it takes a few months for the hair to stop growing. The closer you get to warmer weather you could possibly get a rash or some temporary bumps on the skin. The laser produces heat in the skin and sun or heat from the summer temperatures make cooler weather the preferred time to start your hair removal. If you start your treatments in November then by April or May you are sailing into smooth and silky skin for summer.

How many treatments does laser hair removal require? Most treatments require 6-10 treatments depending on the hair follicle, texture and color of hair. If you have been thinking about laser hair removal, give us a call or come in for a free consultation and we can assess your hair and discuss whether you are a candidate for the treatment. At Zen Aesthetics and Wellness we have an award winning laser specialist who is extremely careful and professional. Read about our Best of the Best for the State of Oklahoma on our website.

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