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Your well being is important to us at Zen Aesthetics and Wellness. That is why infection control procedures are always in place at our clinic. Zen is only seeing patients that are low risk, and following COVID-19 protocols as recommended by the CDC and practicing social distancing and encouraging protective wear at this time.

Upon arrival we ask that you call 405-888-5614 prior to entering the clinic. Please come alone to your appointment. Do not bring your children, friend or spouse. Zen will only be seeing one patient at a time in the treatment room. At this time Edmond does not require a mask but we appreciate you wearing a mask. Our clinicians will be wearing protective masks during your treatment.

A COVID-19 exposure and symptom form will be filled out by each patient, follo

wed by a temperature reading.

Zen has implemented high efficiency particulate medical grade air purifiers (HEPA) in the treatment rooms.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time. We look forward to seeing you soon and pray for each and everyone person on our planet.

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