Microneedling with RF Downtime Before and After

Microneedling with radio-frequency is a minimally invasive treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring (scars in general), sagging skin, dark circles under your eyes and so much more. The addition of radio-frequency energy to the microneedling procedure helps to further stimulate the body's natural collagen and healing processes revealing firmer, rejuvenated skin. In addition to that, our device here at Zen MedicalSpa has a 2 level controllable suction within the hand piece that gently pulls your skin into the tip to allow for optimal performance. (These two additions, the RF and suction, are what set this machine apart from the rest and make it a freaking awesome procedure!) Below are before and after photos of Amber's peri-ocular region. The top set is before, the middle set it immediately following the treatment (on low to medium settings). The last row is less than 48 hours later. The point of this blog is to give you an idea regarding downtime! We can already see an improvement around her eyes, but the best is yet to come because collagen and elastin are continuing to do their thing and we all know that takes a little time! Stay Tuned :)

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