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Fall Event 
October 5th - 2 to 6 pm

We are excited to host another fall event. We will have amazing specials, prizes, and a raffle. Plus Refreshments and Cowgirl Coffee (a local coffee bar on Waterloo Road in Edmond).  Keep checking back as we add specials to come. Some of the specials will be posted on September 28th.  If you are unable to attend we offer secure online purchases through Podium or you can call 405-888-5614.  We hope to see you soon!

Skinbetter Science skincare

Chemical Peels

The SkinBetter Peel is perfect for people who want a peel without having the dowtime of a peel.  It provides amazing resurfacing, brightening and healing results with zero downtime.  AlphaRet Professional Peel System 30 and 50 are offered at Zen. Pricing is only available at the Fall Event between 2-6 pm Thursday. 

Carbon Laser Facial

Carbon Laser Facial
$700 Save $350

Carbon Laser Facial is a client favorite at Zen.  It purifies pores, tightens, brightens and stimulates collagen.  The Fall Event Carbon Laser Facial Special is Buy 2 Get 1 Free! The total for this package is $700.  Your savings is $350

Glow Tox treatment

GLOW TOX SPECIAL $400 Save $180

When you purchase 2 Diamond Glow Facials for $400 you get $180 worth of Botox FREE! 

(15 units Free!)

Save on Botox and Get Facial Rejuvenation by Exfoliation and Hydration with Serums chosen for your skin type.  For best results buy 2 packages and have enough for 6 treatments.  It is recommended to have one treatment per month to see greater improvement in your skin. 

Facial Rejuvenation package  of three treatments for $900

Facial Rejuvenation Pkg/3 $900
Save $500

This facial rejuvenation package consists of 3 treatments.  A Vivace RF (radio frequency) treatment includes precise microneedling to build collagen and thicken tissue to help prevent fine lines and tightens skin with the radio frequency in the treatment.  It also improves texture of the skin and creates a smoother surface. The second treatment is an IPL (intense pulse light therapy) Photofacial which will improves hyperpigmentation (brown spots on the face). It will make your skin brighter and complexion more even in appearance.  The third treatment is a Genesis Laser Treatment which is a painless laser treatment that stimulates collagen, improves red tones, reduces pore size and is a wonderful anti-aging treatment.  The order of these treatments will be discussed with your aesthetics professional.  The price of this package will be released shortly before the October 5th Event at Zen.  We hope you can attend. This Laser Pkg/3 is $900. Your savings is $500.

Laser hair removal package


Buy a Package of 6 treatments of a (Large Area) 

Legs, Back or Chest

Get a Free Back of Neck or Under Arms FREE! 

Are you a candidate for laser hair removal? 

The best candidate has a lighter skin color and dark hair.  Darker skin types can be treated in some cases but it will take more sessions to protect the integrity of your skin.  It takes between 7 and 9 treatments to eliminate the hair in most cases.  If you would like a Free Consultation to discuss a future treatment call 405-888-5614 or Book Online for a Laser Hair Consult.  

Genesis laser treatments package of 12 treatments for $1,500

Create a Plan for Beauty
with Genesis Laser Treatments
Pkg/12 $1,500
Savings $900

A Laser Genesis Treatment that is done once per month will stimulate collagen, and create a thicker epidermis.  It also will slowly remove hyperpigmentation, 

decrease red tones and is a good treatment for rosacea. It will reduce pore size, and make your skin brighter and tighter.  It is a favorite treatment for people who

want facial rejuvenation without downtime or pain.  This slow process can improve your skin as much as one CO2 treatment.  We will release the price of the special soon!  

Free Diamond Glow Hand Treatment & Upneeq 1 Eye Challenge

Sign up for a 15 minute Diamond Glow Hand treatment. The treatment will exfoliate your skin and hydrate your skin with a nourishing serum.  At the same time you can try a free sample of Upneeq Eye Drops for an upper eyelid lift.  It is called the 15 minute 1 eye challenge.  Book your treatment online through our website and make sure and put the date October 5th and look for a time between 2 and 6 pm. 

Introducing New Services!

Call Zen at 405-888-5614 and Register for a Free Session during our Fall Event from 2-6 pm on Thursday, October 5th. 

NASA Technology

Celluma LED Light Therapy - Elite and Pro. Therapy used for acne, anti-aging, hair growth, wound healing and pain relief.

Celluma ELITE light
Testimonial 1
Testimonial 2

Plus More!!

Cowgirl Coffee

Cowgirl Coffee

We are honored to have Cowgirl Coffee at our Fall Event on October 5th from 2-6 pm.  Her location in Edmond is on Waterloo Road.  She is an independent business owner in Edmond.  The coffee was a hit at our last years event as I am sure it will be again! 

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